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Part 4. Reading and Managing Your Mail > Task 6 How to Delete Mail

Task 6 How to Delete Mail

Mail isn't forever. Every once in a while, you've got to clean out the mail memos you don't need; otherwise, your Mail database will get too large to manage (and your Domino Administrator will send you warnings about reducing the size of your Mail file). After you make the decision that a particular mail memo isn't one you need to keep, you select it and delete it. Notes puts the memo into the Trash until you empty it. Normally, Notes prompts you when you close the Mail and asks whether you want to permanently delete the contents of the Trash.

Delete a Memo

Select the memo or memos you want to delete. Click the Delete button on the Action bar, press the Delete key, or choose Actions, Delete from the menu.

See the Documents to Be Deleted

Oops! What do you do if you really didn't want to delete that memo? You will find it in the Trash folder. Click Trash in the Navigation pane to see a list of documents you have chosen for deletion.

Remove a Memo from the Trash

From the Trash folder, you can retrieve the memo you accidentally deleted and put it back in the Inbox. Select the memo (or memos if you want more than one), and click Restore on the Action bar. Click Restore All to put all the deleted memos back.

Permanently Delete a Memo

If you want to remove a deleted memo from your Mail database, select it from the Trash documents and click Delete Selected Item on the Action bar. Notes will prompt you to see whether you want the document permanently deleted from the database (you won't be able to recover it unless you set up soft deletions, as in step 7). Click Yes to confirm that you want the memo removed.

Empty the Trash

To permanently remove all the documents in the Trash, click Empty Trash on the Action bar. Notes prompts you to confirm that you want to remove the memos. Click Yes.

Set Trash Preferences

By default, you are prompted when you close Mail or click Refresh to permanently delete any memos in the Trash folder. If you click Yes, the memos are removed. If you don't want to be prompted, you can change the user preference for Trash. Choose File, Preferences, User Preferences to open the User Preferences dialog box. From the choices in the drop-down box under For Trash That Is Not Emptied at a Timed Interval, Empty Trash Folder, choose to be prompted during database close, to always empty the Trash at database close, or to manually empty your trash. Click OK.

Enable Soft Deletions

If you enable soft deletions, you have a given time period in which to recover your deleted memos before they are gone forever. Choose File, Database, Properties from the menu, and then click the Advanced tab on the Database Properties box. Select the Allow Soft Deletions option, and enter a number in the Soft Delete Expire Time in Hours box (for Mail, soft deletions might already be enabled for you). If soft deletions are enabled, deleted documents will remain in Trash for the specified time and you won't be prompted to delete them when the database closes. They will disappear from Trash, however, after the specified time period.



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