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Part 4. Reading and Managing Your Mail > Task 5 How to Work with Attachments

Task 5 How to Work with Attachments

When a sender of a mail memo wants to give you a file, he includes it in his message as an attachment. You can see the attachment as only a small icon in your mail memo. You can immediately view the attachment to see what it is; you can open the attached file in the program that created it; or you can store the file to work with later.

View a Memo with an Attachment

When you open your Inbox, you can immediately spot the memos that include attachments. A small paper clip icon appears with that document in the View pane.

Read a Document with an Attachment

In the mail memo, the attachment appears as a small icon. The icon either matches the icon for the program in which it was created (such as the Microsoft Word 2000 document shown here) or looks like a small page with the upper-right corner turned down.

View an Attached File

To quickly read or view the contents of the attachment, either click the attachment to select it and then choose Attachment, View from the menu or double-click the attachment to open the Attachment Properties box and then click the View button. When you view the attachment you might not see all the formatting, but you can at least inspect the contents—although images are sometimes a problem. If you don't have the program that was used to create the attachment, viewing the attachment might be the only way you can see the file.

Open an Attachment

If you have the same application program that was used to create the attached file, you can open the file in that program. Click Open in the Attachment Properties box, or choose Attachment, Open from the menu. With the application open, you can read and print the file. Close the file and exit the program to return to Notes.

Edit an Attachment

You can edit an attachment file. Click Edit on the Attachment Properties box or choose Attachment, Edit from the menu to open the attachment in the application program that created it. Make your modifications in that application, save the file, and close the application. When you close the memo in Notes, click Save Only to keep just your saved changes. When you reply to the memo, the new changes will be sent with your reply (or you could wait until you create the reply and edit the attachment at that time, keeping the original attachment intact in the memo you received).

Save the Attachment

To store a copy of the attached file on one of your hard disks, a floppy disk, or a network drive, click Save on the Attachment Properties box or choose Attachment, Save from the menu (choose Attachment, Save All to save all the attachments in the memo). In the Save Attachment dialog box, select the location where you want to store the file and click Save.



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