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Part 4. Reading and Managing Your Mail > Task 4 How to Preview and Read Your Ma...

Task 4 How to Preview and Read Your Mail

The Inbox lists all the mail you've received; the unread stars indicate which mail messages you haven't read yet. To read your mail, you have to open each document and view it. You can get a glimpse of the document first, however, by previewing it. When you preview a document, you open a new pane in the Inbox window that shows the top portion of the document.

Select the Mail Memo

Before you can preview or read a document, you must select it from the Inbox list. Click the document row once to select the document. Use the Next and Previous buttons on the Navigate View toolbar to select the next or previous mail message listed in the view. The Next Unread and Previous Unread buttons select the next or previous unread message in the list.

Preview the Mail Message

You don't have to open a document to find out what's inside—you can preview the memo. To do that, you open the Preview pane by choosing View, Document Preview, Show Preview from the menu. Another way to open the Preview pane is to click the Preview Pane button on the Navigate View toolbar, or you can click the Preview up arrow at the bottom of the Inbox View pane.

Adjust the Preview Pane

To adjust the size of the Preview pane, drag the top border up or down. Dragging the border all the way to the bottom of the View pane is one way to close the Preview pane. You can also click the Preview down arrow in the top border to close the pane or click the Preview Pane button on the Navigate View toolbar.

Change Unread Marks

Unread marks normally don't disappear until after you open the memo. If you read most of your mail using the Preview pane, you won't be able to tell which memos you've already read. To make the unread marks disappear when you preview the message, you need to change your user preferences. Choose File, Preferences, User Preferences from the menu to open the User Preferences dialog box. Under Additional Options, click to the left of Mark Documents Read when Opened in Preview Pane to select it. Click OK.

Open a Mail Memo

To read a mail memo, you open the document. Double-click the memo you want to open. If you have trouble double-clicking, select the memo and press Enter.

Read the Memo

At the top of the mail memo is the name of the person who sent you the message and the date and time it was sent. Three other important fields are also at the top of the memo: To contains the names of the people who received the memo (you might not be the only one), cc lists the names of the people who received a carbon copy of the memo, and Subject provides a brief phrase describing the contents of the memo. The body of the message is below this area.

Close the Memo

Like any open database, Web page, or document, a mail memo has a window tab that displays the subject of the memo. After you read the body of the message, click the X on the window tab to close the memo (alternatively, press Esc). If you want to read the next memo in the Inbox, you don't have to close this one first—just click the Next button on the Read Document toolbar to open the next memo and close this memo at the same time.



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