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Part 4. Reading and Managing Your Mail > Task 1 How to Open Your Mail Inbox

Task 1 How to Open Your Mail Inbox

The Inbox displays the mail messages, or memos, you have received. For each memo, you see the sender's name, the date sent, the size of the file, and the subject of the memo. Icons give you clues about the memo (a paper clip indicates that there is an attachment; an exclamation mark says the memo is important). Mood stamp icons tell you how the sender felt when creating the memo. Memos in red text with a star in the left margin are unread, which means you haven't opened them yet.

Open Your Mail Database

You can open your Mail database in several ways. You can click the Mail hot spot on the Welcome page. You can choose File, Database, Open and then select the name of your mail database from the Mail folder on your server. Or, you can click the Mail bookmark on the Bookmark bar.

View the Inbox

When you look at the Navigation pane (on the left) you see a list of the views, folders, and tools available in your Mail database. The View pane (on the right) displays a list of the documents in the selected view or folder, or a list of documents related to the selected tool. When Inbox is selected in the Navigation pane, the View pane displays a list of all the mail memos you have received.

Note Unread Messages

Each row in the View pane represents a different mail message. You can see who sent you the message, the date it was sent, how much disk space it takes up (in bytes), and the subject of the message. If the text in a row is red and a red star appears in the left margin, the message is unread. That means you haven't opened it yet and read it. After you open it, the text turns black and the star disappears. The number after the Inbox tells you how many unread messages are in the Inbox.

Go to the Next Unread Message

The Navigate View toolbar has some tools that help you move through your messages. Click the Next Unread button to find the next unread message in your Inbox; click Previous Unread to go to the last unread message.

Get New Mail

When new mail arrives, Notes alerts you. If your mail is set to show a popup, a dialog box appears to tell you that you have new mail. Click Open Mail to read the new mail, or click OK so you can read it later. If your Mail isn't set to show a popup, you won't see the dialog box pop up, but a message does appear on the Status bar telling you that you have new mail. Or, it might be set up to play a sound, in which case you'll hear a tone whenever you have new mail.

Set Notification Preferences

You decide whether you want to get a visible or audible notification, or both, when new mail arrives. Choose File, Preferences, User Preferences from the menu. On the left side of the User Preferences dialog box, click Mail. Select the type of notification you want. Click Browse next to Audible Notification to see a list of available sounds (click one to hear it); select one and then click OK. Click OK to close User Preferences.

Search for Mail

Trying to find a particular mail memo can pose a problem. Choose View, Search This View from the menu or click the Search button on the Navigation toolbar to open the Search bar. Enter some text that will help you find the memo you want, and then click Search. A list of documents will appear in the View pane that has the text either in their Subjects or within the body of the memo. Click Search again to close the Search bar.



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