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Part 13. Navigating the Web > Task 5 How to Customize the Welcome Page

Task 5 How to Customize the Welcome Page

In Part 1, “Getting Started,” we introduced you to the Welcome page and showed you how to set it up for the first time. Now we are going to look at the Welcome page again, with the goal of making it a way to access Web sites you visit frequently and personalizing it to make it useful to you.

Open Welcome Page Options

From the current Welcome page, click the down arrow next to Click Here for Welcome Page Options. The customization area opens. You can drag the gray border up or down to decrease or increase the size of the customization area.

Set Options for the Page

The Welcome page displays the tips of the day—remove them from the page by selecting Hide Tips of the Day. Select Show 'New Item' Buttons, and a link appears beneath each of the link icons on the page—New Memo, New Entry, New Contact, New To Do, and New Entry—that allows you to click and open new documents.

Add a Personal Journal

A Personal Journal is a database in which you can keep notes, store information important to you, or track your activities. If you want to use your own Personal Journal, click the Set Journal Database link that appears after you select Show 'New Item' Buttons. In the dialog box, select I Do Not Yet Have a Personal Journal, enter the name for the database, and then click Create New Journal. If you do have a journal, click I Have a Personal Journal and then click Select Journal Database. Select the database location and name in the Choose Database dialog box and click Select. Then click Done.

Select an Existing Page

From the Current Welcome Page Selection drop-down list, you can choose from a number of predesigned Welcome pages that Notes provides, such as Basics Plus shown here. If you created a new one when you set up Notes the first time, that one will also be listed.

Create a New Welcome Page

To create a personalized Welcome page, click the Create a New Welcome Page button in the customization area. The New Page wizard opens (a wizard is a specialized dialog box that walks you through a set of steps).

Name Your Welcome Page

Enter the name you want to give your personalized Welcome page and click Next.

Choose Frames or Personal Pages

You design your Welcome page using one of two methods. With one option, you get a set of boxes on the page, called frames. You specify the contents of each frame. When you use the other option, you select from predesigned layouts that you can customize. Let's start by selecting I Want Frames. Click Next.

Set the Frame Contents

Your Welcome page can display up to six frames. Begin by selecting the types of items you want to see on the Welcome Page. If you selected Database, File System, or Web Page, specify the number of these you want to see. If you chose Inbox, Calendar, To Do List, Subscriptions, or Database, you might want to click Include Preview Pane so you can read documents right from the Welcome page. Click Next.

Select a Layout

For the number of frames you selected, Notes offers some layout choices. Click the one you want to use, and then click Next.

Specify Contents

Your selected frame layout appears. In each box is a link, except the one that shows a drop-down list. From that list, select the contents you want to show in that frame. Click the link text in another frame, and a drop-down list appears there. In frames that you assign Database, File System, or Web page, you need to click the Choose Notes Database, Choose File System Folder, or Choose Web Page button. Then select or enter the database name, folder name, or URL. Click Next.

Display Launch Pad and Action Buttons

The launch pad is an easy, quick way to launch applications, URL links, and Notes links (you cannot use this option if you chose to view the Preview Pane earlier). Select Display the Launch Pad to add this to your Welcome page. Select Show Action Bar Buttons to show the action buttons from the Inbox, Calendar, and To Do list (normally they don't show on the Welcome page). Click Next and then Finish to see your new Welcome page.

Use a Personal Page

In step 7, you chose to use frames to set up your Welcome page. If you had selected I Want Personal Page, your next option would be to select the layout that suited you. Double-click any of the displayed layouts to see an enlargement, along with a list of features and available customizations. Select the layout you want by clicking it once. Click Next and then Finish.

Edit the Page

Click Edit This Page in the customization area to put your new Welcome page into edit mode. Add text where indicated, or click the picture buttons to add graphics.

Change the Background

You can choose a different background for your Welcome page. Select one of the backgrounds from the Current Background drop-down list. The background will change, but an alert dialog box warns that the table colors won't match the background until you save the changes. When you're satisfied with the changes, click Save.

Set a Bookmark As the Home Page

Want to always see a bookmarked item as your Welcome page? Right-click the bookmark and then select Set Bookmark As Home Page from the context menu. A dialog box will appear confirming that you want to make the selected bookmark the home page; click Yes. Welcome is bookmarked under Favorite Bookmarks, so you can make that the home page again if you want.



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