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Part 13. Navigating the Web > Task 4 How to Forward and Mail Web Pages

Task 4 How to Forward and Mail Web Pages

You have discovered a really important or exciting Web page and want to share it with someone. You want to send a mail memo that includes the URL or forward the Web page. Forwarding the Web page sends the body of the Web page to the recipient. The recipient can immediately see why the page caught your attention, making it more likely that the person will visit the page. Remember that you also should forward the URL to ensure that the person can access all the features of the page.

Open the Web Page

Type the URL for the Web page in the Address box, or select it from the Address drop-down list.

Forward the Page

You want to forward the entire page to a co-worker. With the page open, choose Actions, Forward; the Forward Options dialog box opens.

Forward a Copy

Two options are available in the Forward Options dialog box—forward the bookmark or forward a copy. To send a copy of the entire page to your co-worker, select Forward Copy of This Page. Click OK.

Send the Memo

The copy of the forwarded page appears at the bottom of the memo (if the Web page is divided into sections, called frames, only the frame holding the main body of the page will be copied). You can enter your own text at the top, such as Check out what's on this page! Address the memo and then click Send.

Forward the URL

Now you want to forward the URL of the Web page to your co-worker. With the Web page open, choose Actions, Forward from the menu. In the Forward Options dialog box, select Forward Bookmark to This Page and then click OK.

Send the Memo

Note that the memo has the name of the page in the Subject field and the title of the Web page in the message body area. Add any text you want to include in the memo, address it, and send it.

View the Sent Memo

When you open the memo in the Sent view of your mail database, notice that the URL has been converted to a hotspot link to the Web page. The recipient of the memo can click the link text to open the page.



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