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Part 13. Navigating the Web > Task 3 How to Search and Save

Task 3 How to Search and Save

Finding information on the Web can seem like an overwhelming task—where do you start? Several Internet search engines can help you find what you're looking for. Notes provides links to some of the popular search engines. Follow the instructions on each engine's Web page to get a list of possible Web sites or information you can use in your search efforts.

Open the List of Search Engines

Click the arrow next to the Search button on the Navigation toolbar. A list appears below the Search button.

Select a Search Engine

The last section of the list includes the Internet search engines, such as Lycos, Hotbot, and AltaVista Usenet. Click the engine you want to use. The home page for that site opens in your browser window.

Enter Search Text

The page shown here opened after we selected Hotbot from the list in step 2. Like most search engines, this page has a box in which you type the word or phrase you're seeking. In this case, enter the text and click Search. The options on the left side help narrow your search; select any that apply before you click Search.

View Search Results

The result of the search is usually a list of links to sites containing or relating to the text you entered. Click a link to visit that site.

Add a Search Site

Notes doesn't list all the search engines available on the Internet—not by a long shot! If you find one that's useful, add it to your list. Open the page so the window tab appears, and right-click the window tab. Select Create Bookmark from the menu. Click the plus (+) by More Bookmarks to expand it (if it isn't already expanded), and then select Internet Search Sites. Click OK.

Use a Search Site Again

After you add the search site to your bookmarks, you can easily visit that site again. The next time you want to visit the site, click the arrow next to the Search button and select the name of the added search engine from the list (occasionally, you might have to close and reopen Notes before the site appears on the list).



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