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Part 13. Navigating the Web > Task 1 How to Surf the Web

Task 1 How to Surf the Web

When you have your connection to the Internet either through an Internet service provider (ISP) or through your network server, all you need to do is activate the browser and watch it display the Web page you want to view. You do this by typing the uniform resource locator (URL), or address, of the Web page you want to visit. The address is in the form http://www.takeawalk.com. Notes finds the page at that address and displays it for you.

Enter the URL

Type the URL, or address, for the Web page in the Address box on the Address toolbar. You don't have to enter the complete address because Notes assumes the http:// part of the URL. Just start the address with www when you enter it (unless the address doesn't begin with www), such as www.takeawalk.com. Press Enter.

View the Page

After the connection is made, the page appears onscreen (don't worry if your Web page doesn't look like ours—Web pages are frequently updated and you might be looking at a newer version than the one you see here).

Revisit a Page

If you have visited a page previously, you might not have to type the URL in the Address box. Click the down arrow at the end of the box to see a list of previously visited Web pages. Select the one you want to visit and click it.

Use URL Type Ahead

As you type the URL into the Address box, the drop-down list appears and displays other URL addresses that have the same beginning letters. You can abandon typing and click the one in the list that you want. The Web page opens.

Refresh the Page

Sometimes after a page has been displayed on your screen for a long period, it no longer contains up-to-date information. At other times, you can temporarily lose the connection. In either case, click the Refresh button on the Navigation toolbar. Notes reconnects and displays the current version of the page.

Stop the Process

If a page is taking too long to load (to appear onscreen), or if you accidentally entered the address incorrectly, you can stop the loading process. Click the Stop button on the Navigation toolbar to halt the search for the page.

Close the Web Page

Click the Close (x) on the window tab of the Web page to close the page entirely. Closing the page doesn't disconnect you from the Internet—you might have a full-time connection if your connection is through a server in the office. If you dial the ISP using your computer's modem, you will have to disconnect the dial-up connection as instructed by your Notes Administrator or your ISP.



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