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Part 1. Getting Started > Task 6 How to Change Your Password and Lock Your ID

Task 6 How to Change Your Password and Lock Your ID

You need to protect your Notes password because it gives you—and anyone who learns it—access to your Mail, Calendar, Address Book, To Do List, and confidential databases. This means that you don't put your password on a scrap of paper and stick it to your monitor! If you suspect that someone has learned your password, change it.

Go to User Security

Select File, Security, User Security from the menu. In the Lotus Notes dialog box, type your current password and then click OK (if you aren't challenged for your password at this point, don't continue without checking with your Domino Administrator and definitely don't continue and change your Windows password). The User Security dialog box opens.

Choose to Change Your Password

If you use add-in programs that work with Notes, select Don't Prompt for a Password from Other Notes-Based Programs. When this option is selected, the password you enter for Notes works for the other add-in programs. Click the Change Password button. Enter your current password and click OK; the Change Password dialog box opens.

Enter Your New Password

Type your new password in the Enter New Password box. Be careful as you type; remember that you must always enter the password using uppercase and lowercase letters in the same pattern. Make the password something you can remember (but not something such as “password,” which anyone can guess). Don't use spaces in your password. A message in the dialog box tells you how long your password must be and makes suggestions about how to pick a password.

Enter the Password Again

Type your password again in the Re-enter Your Password box. Click OK. A message box appears saying your change is successful; click OK. Then, click OK to close the User Security dialog box.

Lock Your Display

After you enter your password and open a Notes session for the day, anyone using your computer has access to Notes. If you get up and walk away from your desk, you should lock your display so that anyone using your computer must enter your Notes password again. To lock your display, choose File, Security, Lock Display from the menu or press F5. When you are ready to work again, enter your password.

Lock Your Display Automatically

It's easy to get distracted in an office and forget to lock your display while away from your desk. To set Notes to lock your display after a specified period of inactivity, choose File, Security, User Security. Enter your password and click OK. The User Security dialog box opens. Select Logout (and Lock Notes Display) if You Haven't Used Notes for. Then, select the number of minutes of inactivity. Click OK.



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