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Part 1. Getting Started > Task 5 How to Use the Status Bar

Task 5 How to Use the Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the Lotus Notes screen provides information about what is currently happening; displays error messages; shows your level of access to a database; and provides buttons to help you select fonts, font size, font style, your location, and mail options. The status bar is context sensitive, so the messages and features that appear depend on your current task.

Check for Connection

The Communication button on the status bar lets you know whether your computer is accessing the server. When your computer is accessing the network, a lightning bolt appears on the button.

Read Status Messages

Messages regarding server connections, Web routing, and errors appear on the status bar. Some messages flash by so quickly that you don't have time to read them. To read your most recent messages, click the Status button on the status bar. A pop-up box displays the last 20 messages.

Know Your Level of Access

The Security button shows a symbol that indicates the level of access you have to the selected or open database. Knowing your level of access tells you what you have permission to do in a database. Click the Security button to see what level of access you have to the current database. Click Done to close the Groups and Roles dialog box.

Set Your Current Location

If you always work in the office, you'll see the label Office on the Location button in the status bar. The Location button tells Notes where your computer is so the client knows how to connect to the server. If you have a laptop that leaves the office with you, you might change this setting (your Domino Administrator will tell you whether you should do this). To switch locations, click the Location button and select your current location from the list.

Perform Mail Operations

Although you do most mail operations while you have your mail open, the Quickpick button on the status bar makes some commands available to you without forcing you to open your mail. Click the Quickpick button and select the operation you want to perform from the pop-up list. You can select from these options: Create Memo, Scan Unread Mail, Receive Mail, Send Outgoing Mail, Send & Receive Mail, and Open Mail.

Customize the Status Bar

To modify the status bar to include only those items you find useful, choose File, Preferences, Status Bar Preferences to open the Status Bar Preferences dialog box. Select the items you want to include on the status bar, and deselect items you don't want. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order. Click OK. You can quickly select status bar items by right-clicking the status bar and selecting/deselecting an item from the pop-up list.



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