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Part 1. Getting Started > Task 3 How to Use Bookmarks

Task 3 How to Use Bookmarks

Bookmarks are the basic navigation tool of the Notes client. A bookmark links you to databases, documents, or Web pages that you visit frequently. You click the bookmark icon and the database, document, or page opens immediately. Notes provides you with the most frequently used bookmarks—Mail, Calendar, Address Book, and To Do. You find these on the Bookmark bar.

Use the Bookmark Bar

The first set of icons, or bookmark buttons, at the top of the Bookmark bar quickly takes you to your Mail inbox, Calendar, Personal Address Book, To Do List, and Replicator Page. Click any one of these bookmark icons to open the corresponding task. To view any mail you've received, for example, click the Mail bookmark icon.

Look at the Bookmark Folders

In the lower portion of the Bookmark bar is a set of bookmark folders. Favorite Bookmarks holds the links to the databases and pages you visit frequently. You can store other bookmarks you want to keep in Databases. More Bookmarks has a Lotus Links folder, the Internet Search Sites folder, and a Create folder. All the databases and pages you visit are listed chronologically in History. The Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator folder lists your favorite browser links.

Open a Slide-Put Panel

When you click a Bookmark icon, the slide-put panel displays. The panel automatically closes when you click in the main Notes window or click the X in the upper-right corner. To keep the panel open, click the Pushpin in the upper-right corner (click again to “unpin” the panel). If you'd prefer to display a Workspace page, click the Maximize button; click the Minimize button to return to the slide-put panel.

Sort Bookmark Items

To set the order of the bookmarks in the panel, click the Sort button and select By Site or By Title. You can also drag and drop items to place them in the order you desire.

Create Folders for Bookmarks

As the number of bookmarks grows, it helps to organize them into folders. Click the folder icon at the top of the panel to create a folder. When the Create Folder dialog box opens, enter a name for the folder and select a location (if you select -Folders-, the bookmark folder will appear on the Bookmark bar instead of on a bookmark panel). Click OK. Add bookmarks to the new folder by dragging and dropping them over the new folder icon.

Change the Panel Display

You can change the size of the bookmark icons, display the bookmark panel as a list or workspace, show how many documents are unread, show the server names where databases are stored, restore the bookmark defaults, or pin the Bookmarks window. Click the View button and make the appropriate selection from the drop-down menu.



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