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Part 1. Getting Started > Task 1 How to Open and Exit Lotus Notes

Task 1 How to Open and Exit Lotus Notes

A lot of the preparation for using the Lotus Notes client on your computer is done for you by someone else—usually a person in your information services department (or whatever your organization calls its group of computer/technical experts). Lotus Notes is ready to go when you open it. You still have a few basics to learn, however, before you can begin doing things in Lotus Notes. The very first is opening the Lotus Notes program and then exiting it when you are finished working with Notes.

Open the Start Menu

Click the Start button in the Windows taskbar and select Programs or All Programs, Lotus Applications, Lotus Notes.

Enter Your Password

Make sure your official Notes username appears in the For User box, and then type the password assigned to you by the Domino Administrator (your client might be set up so you don't need to enter a password and won't see this dialog box). The password identifies you to Notes and the Domino server. Only Xs appear when you type (this prevents anyone looking over your shoulder from seeing your password). Capitalization counts, too, so be sure to use uppercase and lowercase letters exactly as the Domino Administrator tells you.

Select Your Location

Select your current location from the At Location drop-down list. The location tells Notes how you want to connect with the server. If you are in the office, Office (Network) is probably the right choice. However, if you are at home or in a hotel, you might want to select Home (Network Dialup) or Travel (Notes Direct Dialup). Your Domino Administrator can tell you which one to use. Click OK.

Examine the Notes Features

After Notes verifies the password you typed, the client software (the software on your workstation) opens. There are some elements of this Welcome screen window that you will be working with throughout this book.

Use the Welcome Page

When the Lotus Notes opens, the Welcome page displays, although your organization might have designed one that looks different from this (if you see a Setup screen, you'll take care of that in Task 2). This page has hot spots (pictures or text that “jump” you to another screen after you click them). When you point at a hot spot, the mouse pointer becomes a small hand. The hot spots on the Welcome page open different components of Notes—Mail, Calendar, Contacts, To Do List, and Personal Journal.

Exit Lotus Notes

Before you exit and close the program, you should close any documents, databases, or tasks you have open, being sure to save any changes. To close Lotus Notes, choose File, Exit Notes from the menu or click the Close box (the X in the upper-right corner of the window). You also can press Alt+F4 to close the application.



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