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Part 3. Finding Help > Task 3 How to Get Help Where You Are

Task 3 How to Get Help Where You Are

The time you need help is always now. You don't necessarily want to see the entire Help database, however. All you want help with is what you're doing at the moment. You might want to know what an option in a dialog box means, for example, or you might not remember the next step in a process. What you need is context-sensitive help that pertains to the task you're performing.

Get Help in a Dialog Box

Some dialog boxes have a Help, or ?, button. Click the Help button to learn more about using the dialog box. A Help window appears.

Use the Help Window

The Help window has links to other Help documents or headings within the current Help document. Click the link to go to that topic. To print the Help document, click the Print link at the upper-right of the window. If you've clicked a link and opened a new Help document, click the Go Back link to return to the previous document. When you are finished with Help, click the Done link or press Esc.

Use Help from a Properties Box

Similar to dialog boxes, properties boxes have a ? in the title bar. When you click the ?, a Help window opens that offers specific help with the options on that properties box.

Press F1

To get context-sensitive help concerning the task you are performing or the element you have open or selected, press F1 or select Help, Context Help from the menu. When your Personal Address Book is open to the Contacts view, for example, the Help window that appears after you press F1 tells you how to add new contacts to the Address Book.

Get Online Assistance

If you need more information than you can find in Help, it might help to seek assistance on the Web, if you have an Internet connection. Choose Help, Lotus Internet Resources to see four possible sites to visit: Domino & Notes Doc Library, Notes Home Page, Lotus Home Page, and Lotus Customer Support.

Find Technical Support

Choose Help, Lotus Internet Resources, Lotus Home Page to open the IBM Lotus home page (this Web page might change slightly by the time you view it, as Web sites are always being updated). You might want to visit this site to learn more about Lotus itself, read articles about Lotus Notes, or use the Education link to find where to take Lotus Notes classes.



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