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Part 3. Finding Help > Task 2 How to Search for a Topic in Help

Task 2 How to Search for a Topic in Help

Although Contents and Index are helpful ways of presenting documents, they don't always lead you to the exact Help document you need. Notes provides a Search screen to help you search for text throughout the Notes Help database. Notes locates each document in which the specified text appears and lists the resulting documents in order of relevance to the text. This type of search is called a full-text search.

Open Help Search

To open Help Search, click Search at the top of the Navigation pane in the open Help window.

Create the Full-Text Index

Before Notes can search through a database, the database must be indexed. Generally, Notes automatically indexes the database the first time you click Search. Occasionally, you might have to do it manually—when you see Not Indexed above the Search bar. You have to index the database only once. Click the little arrow to the right of the Search bar to expand the Search bar. Then, click the Create Index button.

Enter the Search Text

In the text box on the Search bar, type the text you're trying to find. Enter a single word, a phrase (enclose the words of a phrase in quotation marks, such as "mail message"), or multiple words. Separate multiple words with AND to find documents that include both words (for example, type boy AND girl); use OR to find documents that have one word or the other (such as boy OR girl). You can also use wildcard characters, such as * (type access* to find “access,” “accessed,” “accessing,” and so on). Click Search.

View the Search Results

A list of documents appears in the Navigation pane below the Search bar. The documents are listed in order of relevance, meaning that the document with the text in its title or containing the most mentions of the search text is at the top of the list. The document at the top of the list is open in the View pane, and every appearance of the search text is highlighted in the document.

Search for Another Topic

If you want to search for a different term, click the Clear button. Delete the old term and type your new text search. Click Search, and a new set of results appears.

Get Help on Search

When you can't remember the details of how to do a search, click Tips. A set of brief instructions appears in the View pane.



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