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Part 3. Finding Help > Task 1 How to View Notes Help

Task 1 How to View Notes Help

Help is a database, so you use it much the same way as you use any other database in Lotus Notes. When you open the Help database, however, it opens in a separate window. If you want to leave Help open so that you can refer to it again, minimize it. Then, you can click the Lotus Notes 6 Help button on the Windows taskbar to open Help again (or use any Windows shortcuts for switching tasks, such as pressing Alt+Tab).

Open the Help Database

To open Help, select Help, Help Topics from the menu. The Help database opens in a separate window.

View and Print a Topic

The Contents view displays a list of main topics in the Navigation pane. Click the twistie in front of a main topic to expand it and view its subtopics. Select any of the main topics or subtopics to open it in the View pane. With the topic open, choose File, Print Topic to print the topic. The Print dialog box appears. Set the appropriate options and click OK.

See Related Topics

Many topics have links to documents that cover related topics. The links might appear within the document or at the bottom of the document under See Also. The link text is blue and underlined. When you point to the link, your mouse pointer becomes a small hand. Click the link text to jump to the related Help document.

Look at Topics Alphabetically

To view an alphabetical list of topics, click Index at the top of the Navigation panel. Scroll up or down the list until you find the topic you want. Click the twistie by the topic to see the Help documents that relate to that topic. When you see a topic in blue text, that's the title of a document. Click the title to see the associated Help document in the View pane.

Use Quick Search

There are a lot of topics in the Index view, but you don't have to scroll through them all to find a subject. Type the first few letters of the subject in which you are interested. The Starts With dialog box appears. Finish typing the topic name, and click OK (if you want to search only within the topic you already have open, select Search Within Category). Help locates the first topic that starts with the text you typed.

See a Previously Visited Document

After opening several related documents, you might decide to return to a document you already viewed. Click the Go Back button on the Navigation toolbar. After you use the Go Back button, you can go forward in the documents you opened. To do that, click the Go Forward button.

Exit Help

Choose File, Close from the menu. Because Help is in its own window, you also can close it by clicking the X in the upper-right corner. However, the easiest way to close Help is to press Esc.



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