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Part 12. Enhancing Documents > Task 8 How to Add Graphics to a Document

Task 8 How to Add Graphics to a Document

Graphics are images, pictures, drawings, or diagrams. You can incorporate graphics into your documents—but only into rich text fields, such as the body of a mail memo. You can paste or import graphics into your documents and add images as a background for a document or a table.

Copy a Graphic

The only types of graphics you can copy into a document are bitmaps (colored pixel by pixel)—BMP, JPEG, GIF, PCX image, or TIFF 5.0 files. Starting in the program where the file was created or is open, select the graphic to copy and choose Edit, Copy. In this example, a drawing in Microsoft Paint is being copied.

Paste a Graphic

In Notes, create a new document or open an existing document in edit mode. Click in a rich text field at the point where you want the graphic to appear; then choose Edit, Paste. The graphic appears at full size (window size permitting) at the site of your cursor.

Import a Graphic

Only bitmap graphics (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, or TIFF) can be imported into Notes documents. With your document in edit mode, click in the rich text field where you want to put your graphic. Choose Create, Picture, and in the Import dialog box, select the type of graphic file you want to import from the Files of Type drop-down list. Then select the file you want and click Import.

Size the Graphic

Click in the middle of the graphic once to select it (a box appears around the picture). Then choose Picture, Picture Properties to open the Picture properties box. In the Scaling (%) section, enter the Width and Height percentage for the picture—increase to make the picture larger, or decrease to make it smaller. Keep both percentages the same to avoid distorting the picture.

Wrap Text Around a Graphic

From the Text Wrap drop-down list, select how you want the text in your document to wrap around the picture. Be aware that only the paragraph in which you clicked before pasting or importing will wrap around the graphic. Even if you select multiple paragraphs, only one wraps around the picture; the rest appear below the picture.

Add a Document Background

With your document in edit mode, choose File, Document Properties to open the Document properties box. Select the Background tab. If you have copied a graphic, as in step 1, click Paste. Otherwise, click Import and select a graphics file. Or, if you click the folder by the Resource box, you can select a graphic from the current database or other databases you can access. The graphic automatically repeats across the window because Tile is the default Repeat setting.

Remove the Background Image

Background images increase the file size of documents, and the documents take longer to open (the same is true of any graphics you place in a document). In addition, readers might have difficulty seeing the text if the background is too dark or busy. To remove the background graphic, open the Document properties box to the Background tab and click Remove.



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