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Part 12. Enhancing Documents > Task 7 How to Create Text Pop-Up and Link Hotspo...

Task 7 How to Create Text Pop-Up and Link Hotspots

A text pop-up hotspot displays additional text in a box that pops up when the user mouses over the hotspot or clicks the hotspot area (depending on the setting). Text pop-ups are most frequently used for glossary-like explanations of terms or to add directions. A link hotspot is a connection to a document, view, folder, database, page, form, frameset, navigator, or uniform resource locator (URL)—the address of a Web site or page. The link hotspot usually appears as blue underlined text in the document. When the user clicks that text, Notes takes her to the indicated location.

Create a Text Pop-Up Hotspot

You can create a text pop-up hotspot only in the rich text field of a document, such as in the body of a mail message. Enter some text in the field and then select the word or words you want to make into the hotspot. Choose Create, Hotspot, Text Pop-Up. The HotSpot Pop-Up properties box opens.

Enter the Pop-Up Text

In the Popup Text box, type the text you want to appear in the pop-up. In this example, we are creating a text pop-up that defines the acronym URL in the document. Click the check mark to accept the text.

Set Display Options

In the Display area of the properties box, decide when the pop-up text should appear by selecting On Mouse Over or On Click. Under Hotspot Style, select Border the Text to put a box around the hotspot text, Highlight the Text to put highlighter coloring behind the text, or None. To test your pop-up, save and close the document and then reopen it in read mode. Click the pop-up or mouse over it (depending on the setting you chose) to see the text pop up.

Create a Link Hotspot

In the document where the link hotspot is to appear, select the text you want the user to click to open the link. Then choose Create, Hotspot, Link Hotspot. The Hotspot Resource Link properties box opens.

Link to a Database, View, or Document

If you want your hotspot to link to a document, view, or database, you must open that item before you attempt to create the hotspot. Choose Edit, Copy As Link, and then select the type of link you want to create—anchor, document, view, or database link. When you create the link hotspot, the properties box automatically detects that you have a link stored. The Type is automatically set to Link, with the type of link (in this case, Document) entered; the name of the linked item displays in the Value field.

Link to a Named Element

A named element is one of the design elements of a database, such as a view, page, form, frameset, folder, or navigator. When you select Named Element from the Type drop-down list, you must specify the type of element to which you want to link in the field to the right of Type. In Value, enter the name of the element. Click the folder icon to browse a list of elements; you select the database and the name of the element from a dialog box and then click OK to add the value.

Link to a Web Page

To link to a Web page, select URL from the Type drop-down list. In the Value field, enter the URL to which you want to link, such as http://www.quepublishing.com. Click the check mark to accept the entry.



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