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Part 12. Enhancing Documents > Task 5 How to Create Collapsible Sections

Task 5 How to Create Collapsible Sections

Sections help make large documents more manageable. You can gather all the information on one topic into a section. Sections collapse into one-line paragraphs or expand to display all the text in the section, so the reader doesn't have to read sections in the document that aren't of any interest. All the reader has to do is click the small triangle (called a twistie) to the left of the section title to collapse or expand the section.

Select the Text

In a document you're creating or editing, select the paragraph(s) you want to include in a section.

Create the Section

Choose Create, Section from the menu. The section collapses, and the first line of the selected text becomes the section title.

Open the Section Properties Box

Choose Section, Section Properties to open the Section properties box. You can use the Section properties box to change the title of the section, appearance of the title, border of the title, and color of the border.

Specify a Section Title

The section title automatically repeats the first line of text in the section, and the Title Is field defaults to Text. To change the section title, replace the text currently in the Title box with the title you want. Click the check mark to have Notes accept the title.

Set the Border Style and Color

By default, the section title doesn't display a border. You can add a box around the title or a single, thick, or double line below it. To add a border, select one from the Style drop-down list. From the Color drop-down list, select the color you want to apply to the border.

Apply Formatting to the Title

To start, the section title has the same formatting as the text it was copied from, but you might want to make it more distinct. To apply formatting to the entire head, select the Font tab of the Section properties box. Select a Font, Size, Style, and Color for the title text.

Set Expand/Collapse Conditions

Select the Expand/Collapse tab of the Section properties box. From the Previewed, Opened for Reading, Opened for Editing, and Printed options, select how you want the section to appear when users are previewing, reading, editing, or printing the document: Auto-Expand Section, Auto-Collapse Section, or Don't Auto Expand or Collapse (leaves it as last used). Select Hide Title when Expanded if you don't want the title to appear unless the section is collapsed. If you want the section to appear only when in preview, select Show As Text when Not Previewing.



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