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Part 12. Enhancing Documents > Task 3 How to Configure the Table

Task 3 How to Configure the Table

When you create a table, don't hesitate when you have to specify the number of rows and columns. It's easy to add columns and rows to or remove them from an existing table. You can also set the width of the columns and merge several cells into one cell. Likewise, you can split a merged cell back into the same number of cells. When necessary, you can even nest another table within a cell.

Add a Column

When you add a column, the new column appears to the left of the column where your cursor is. Therefore, you need to start by positioning your cursor. Choose Table, Insert Column from the menu. To add a column to the right of the last column in the table, choose Table, Append Column.

Add a Row

A new row appears automatically at the bottom of the table after you press Tab while your cursor is in the last cell of the table. When you insert a row, the new row appears above the row where your cursor is. Position your cursor in the table and choose Table, Insert Row. Choosing Table, Append Row adds a row at the bottom of the table, regardless of where in the table your cursor is at the moment.

Add Several Rows or Columns

To add more than one row or column at a time, choose Table, Insert Special. In the Insert Table Rows or Columns dialog box, select Row(s) or Column(s), type the number of rows or columns in Add, and then click Insert. Click Append to add the rows at the bottom of the table or columns to the right of the last column.

Delete a Column or Row

Position your cursor in the column or row you want to remove (or select the rows or columns to be removed). Choose Table, Delete Selected Row(s) or Table, Delete Selected Column(s). To delete several rows or columns, position your cursor in the first row or column you want to delete and then choose Table, Delete Special. Select Row(s) or Column(s), enter a number in Delete, and click Delete. An alert appears warning you that deleting rows and columns cannot be undone. Click Yes to proceed.

Merge and Split Cells

When you merge cells, you combine a block of selected cells and make one cell out of them. This feature is useful when you want one cell in a table to act as a heading for the cells below it or next to it. To merge cells, select the cells and then choose Table, Merge Cells. After a cell is merged, you might decide that you want to split it back into its original cells. Place your cursor in the merged cell and choose Table, Split Cell.

Change Column Width

One way to set column width uses the ruler (choose View, Ruler to see it). Place your cursor in the column you want to adjust; the ruler shows a shaded block and a page icon that mark the edges of the column. Drag the block or the icon left or right to change the width. Another way is to open the Table properties box, select the Table Layout tab (the first tab), and type the measurement in the Width box in the Cell section.

Nest One Table Inside Another

To put a table in the cell of another table, click in the desired cell and choose Create, Table. Set the number of rows and columns you want the nested table to have, and click OK.



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