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Part 11. Editing Documents > Task 5 How to Format Paragraphs

Task 5 How to Format Paragraphs

In Notes, as in word processing, a paragraph is defined as one or more lines of text followed by a hard return (which you create by pressing Enter). Paragraph formatting applies to the entire paragraph, not just the selected text. You can either select the paragraph(s) you want to format or place your cursor in the paragraph about to be formatted. Remember that the document must be in edit mode before you can do any formatting.

Align Paragraphs

Choose Text, Align Paragraph and then select the alignment option you want. Select Left to align the paragraph so it is even on the left margin, select Right to align the paragraph on the right margin, select Full to align on both margins, select Center to center the paragraph between the margins, or select No Wrap to prevent a paragraph from wrapping to the next line when the window size changes.

Set Indents

To indent an entire paragraph one tab stop to the right of the left margin, choose Text, Indent or press F8; choose Text, Outdent or press Shift+F8 to move the entire paragraph one tab stop to the left. To indent or outdent only the first line of the paragraph, choose Text, Text Properties to open the Text properties box. Then click the Paragraph Alignment tab, click the Indent or Outdent button, and enter the amount of the indent or outdent.

Use Lists

In a list, the first line of each item is preceded by a sequential number or a symbol (such as a bullet). To turn a set of selected paragraphs into a list, choose Text, List and select what you want to use.

Set Paragraph Spacing

You can set three types of paragraph spacing: Interline spacing is the space between the lines in a paragraph; Above and Below apply to the spaces between the paragraphs and add the space in relation to the current paragraph. The settings are Single, 1 1/2, or Double and are available on the Paragraph Alignment tab of the Text properties box.

Set Margins

In the Text properties box, select the Paragraph Margins tab. You can set both the Left and Right margins (which is especially helpful if the document gets printed). Select Absolute to set the margins in inches, or select Relative (%) to set the margins as percentages of the current window width.

Set Tabs

Choose View, Ruler to turn on the ruler. Click the ruler to place a tab on it; drag the tab marker to position it. Right-click the ruler to add a tab that is right, center, or decimal or to delete a tab. You can also set the tabs on the Paragraph Alignment tab of the Text properties box. For Individually Set tabs, type L, R, C, or D and the tab position; separate settings with semicolons. Or, select Evenly Spaced and enter an interval measurement (such as every 0.5 inch).

Use the Toolbar

The Edit Document toolbar has several buttons you can use to format paragraphs.



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