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Part 11. Editing Documents > Task 4 How to Set Fonts, Size, and Style of Text

Task 4 How to Set Fonts, Size, and Style of Text

You can change the appearance of the text—formatting—in any rich text field to make your documents more interesting or attractive or to emphasize important points. Formatting includes fonts (typefaces), font sizes, font colors, and font styles (bold, italic, underline, and so on). When you apply formatting you normally select the text first and then select the attribute to apply. If you don't select the text first, any formatting you choose applies to any text you type from that point on.

Use the Status Bar

One easy way to select the font you want to apply to the text is to click the Font button on the Status bar. The button displays the name of the current font whenever your cursor is in a rich text field. When you click Font, a pop-up list of available fonts appears. Select the font you want to use. To set the size of the font, click the Font Size button on the Status bar and select a size. To add Font or Font Size to your Status bar, right-click the bar and select Font or Font Size from the context menu.

Use the Text Menu

Open the Text menu and select the font characteristic. Select Effects to see additional attributes: Shadow, Emboss, Extrude, Superscript, or Subscript. Select Enlarge Size or Reduce Size to increase or decrease the font size in increments.

Use the Keyboard Shortcuts

You can apply a limited number of characteristics with keyboard shortcuts. Press Ctrl+B for bold, Ctrl+I for italic, Ctrl+U for underline, Ctrl+T to return to normal text, F2 to increase the font size, or Shift+F2 to decrease the font size. If you can't remember these shortcuts, you'll find them listed in the Text menu.

Use the Toolbar

The Edit Document toolbar has buttons for font, font size, bold, and italic. Clicking the Bold or Italic button applies or removes that characteristic. Select a Font or Font Size from the appropriate drop-down list to apply it (the current font and font size appear in the boxes).

Right-Click the Text

Right-click any selected text to display a context menu. The font styles Italic, Bold, and Underline appear on the menu, as does Color. Choose the attributes you want to apply to the selected text.

Use the Text Properties Box

Choose Text, Text Properties from the menu to open the Text properties box. Select the Font tab, if it isn't already showing. Select the Font, Size, Style, or Color you want to apply to the text. The attributes are applied immediately.



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