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Part 11. Editing Documents > Task 2 How to Use Different Types of Fields

Task 2 How to Use Different Types of Fields

Notes forms contain several types of fields you use to enter or select data. Some fields display as white boxes in which you enter information (such as the To field in a mail memo). Other fields are marked by gray square brackets—you type between the brackets. Other fields offer choices such as check boxes, radio buttons, lists, or drop-down lists. You should be familiar with the common types of fields so you know how to use them.

Enter Text

You enter text in fields that are marked by gray, square brackets or that are displayed as white boxes (like the To field in a mail memo). In the following Contact Information Sheet, type the Company Name in the text field. Press Tab to move the cursor to the next field; press Shift+Tab to go to the previous field. Press Ctrl+Home to go to the first field in the form or Ctrl+End to go to the last field.

Enter Dates and Times

A date or time field can also have square brackets, or it can be a white box with a date or time picker that you click to select the value. How you enter the date or time depends on the language you are using.

Enter Formatted Text

Generally, the text you enter is formatted by the application. However, you can add formatting in one type of field—a rich text field. The body of a mail message is a rich text field. When your cursor is in a rich text field, the Text menu has all the choices available, the Edit Document toolbar tools all display, and the font choice appear on the Status bar (if you have that option selected in Status bar preferences). Rich text fields can also contain attachments, tables, sections, and pictures.

Enter Numbers

The appearance of number fields, such as quantity or price, doesn't differ from a text field. In a number field, however, you can't enter text. If you enter text in a number field, you see an error message when you try to save the document. You have no choice but to click OK and then replace the text with a number before you try saving the document again. You can save the document if the number field is blank, unless the designer has made that a required field.

Make Choices

Several types of fields in Notes allow you to select an option. Check box fields let you select more than one item; radio button fields let you make only one selection. Click the up and down arrows in a list box to see the options, and in a combo box field, click the down arrow to choose from a drop-down list. When you click the down arrow next to a color field, you select the color swatch you want from the palette of colors.

Select from a Dialog List

Another type of field that offers choices is a dialog list. When you click the entry helper button next to the gray brackets (the little down arrow), the Select Keywords dialog box opens. From some dialog lists, you can make only one choice. In the following example, you can click to the left of the options to select the ones you want. Some dialog lists, such as this one, also allow you to enter a choice if the one you want isn't listed. Click OK and your choices appear in the field.

Choose Names

Similar in appearance to a dialog list field, a names field enables you to select a name, usually from an address book. When you click the entry helper button, the Select Name dialog box opens. Select the address book you want to use and then select the name. Click OK.



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