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Part 11. Editing Documents > Task 1 How to Edit and Save Documents

Task 1 How to Edit and Save Documents

Much of the time, you work with documents in read mode. In this mode, you can look at a document and read its contents, but you cannot change its contents. Sometimes you need to add or change data in existing documents. To modify a document, you have to put it into edit mode. After making your changes, you save the document.

Open a Document in Read Mode

When you open an existing document, most likely it is in read mode. How do you know a document is in read mode? One clue is that you don't see the brackets that mark the fields. However, some documents don't display those brackets; they have boxes for field information instead. Another test is to try to enter new data: The cursor won't move, or if it does, the text doesn't appear when you type. The following form is in edit mode.

Change to Edit Mode

There are several ways to put a document into edit mode, but not all methods are available for all databases. One method is to choose Actions, Edit Document from the menu (the keyboard shortcut for that command is to press Ctrl+E). After you use this command, a check mark appears in front of the Edit Document command in the menu. Selecting the command again puts the document back in read mode.

Use the Context Menu

Another way to place a document in edit mode is to right-click the open document and select Edit from the context menu that appears. You can avoid the menu altogether by double-clicking in a blank area in the middle of the document to put it in edit mode (take care not to double-click some field, object, text, or attachment).

Use an Action Button

In some applications, you will see an Edit Document button on the Action bar, although the wording on the button might be slightly different. You can also use the Edit Document button on the Universal toolbar.

Save a Document

After creating or editing a document, you should save the document. Choose File, Save from the menu or press Ctrl+S to save the document but not close it.

Use Action or Toolbar Buttons

The Action bar in your document might display a Save Document button; the wording on the button might be slightly different, such as Save and Close, Save, Save and Send, and so on. Click that button to save the document. You can also click the Save button on the Universal toolbar.

Press Esc

When you press Esc for most documents, a dialog box appears asking whether you want to save your changes (except with a mail memo, where additional options are offered). Click Yes to save and close the document. Click No to close the document without saving it, or click Cancel to return to the document without closing or saving it. Clicking the Close button on the document window tab (the X) or choosing File, Close from the menu also brings up the same dialog box.



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