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Part 5. Creating and Sending Mail > Task 9 How to Forward a Mail Message

Task 9 How to Forward a Mail Message

Some of the mail messages addressed to you might need to be passed onto someone else—a vital person who might not have been listed in the recipients, a new person who has come on board, or someone who needs to be kept up-to-date on that subject although he isn't directly involved. In these cases, you can forward the memo to a third party who is not listed originally as a recipient.

Forward the Message

From the open mail message or from the Inbox (with the memo selected), click the Forward button on the Action bar and select Forward.

Address the Forward

A new mail memo appears with the text of the original message at the bottom of the message area, below a line of text that identifies who is forwarding the message and when. You need to address the memo, but the Subject already has the same subject as the original memo.

Type a Message

There is room above the Forwarded By line for you to add a personal message, perhaps explaining why you are sending this memo to the recipient(s). Click Send to send the forwarded message.

Have Someone Else Reply

Because you forwarded the message, you might not want the response to come back to you. Instead, you might want the reply to go to the person who sent the original memo. Before you send the message, click Delivery Options on the Action bar to open the Delivery Options dialog box. Select the Advanced tab, and then type or select the name of the original sender in the Replies to This Memo Should Be Addressed To box. Click OK.

Respond to the Forwarded Message

When you see a Please Respond To message in the heading of a memo, you know that your reply will not go to the person who forwarded the message to you. To send a reply to the suggested recipient, click the Reply button on the Action bar and select Reply. The suggested recipient's name will appear in the To field of your reply memo.

Forward Without the Attachment

One of the choices you have when you forward a message is to not send along any attachments that came with the original message. To forward a message without its attachment(s), click Forward on the Action bar and select Forward Without Attachment(s). You can also select Internet-Style Forward, which also removes the attachment but displays the forwarded message with fixed length lines and the > character at the beginning of each line. In either case, a notation appears saying that the attachment was removed by you.



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