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Part 5. Creating and Sending Mail > Task 7 How to Send Mail

Task 7 How to Send Mail

Although sending mail sounds self-explanatory, there are a few things to think about, such as whether you want to save a copy of the sent mail. And do you want that copy displayed in the Sent view or in a specific folder?

Send the Mail

When your memo is finished, click the Send button on the Action bar.

Respond to the Prompt

Depending on how your User Preferences are set up, the mail memo window closes (because Notes automatically saves a copy of every memo you send) or a prompt dialog box appears. The same dialog box appears if you close the memo before sending it. From this dialog box, select Send & Save (sends the message and keeps a copy), Send Only (doesn't save a copy), Save Only (saves the memo in the Drafts folder but doesn't send it), Discard (throws out the memo without saving or sending it, or Cancel (stops the operation and goes back to the memo). Make your choice and click OK.

Send and File the Memo

Instead of just sending the memo without saving it, or sending it and saving it for display in the Sent view, you can put a copy of the sent memo in a particular folder. When you're ready to send the memo, click Send and File on the Action bar. The Folders dialog box opens.

Select the Folder

In the Select a Folder list, click once on the folder where you want to store a copy of the memo you're sending (double-clicking the folder stores the message without a confirmation box). Then click OK. Click the Create New Folder button if you need to make a new folder in which to store the memo.

Save Without Sending

If you're not ready to send the memo you're working on, you can save it so you can finish it later. Click the Save As Draft button on the Action bar, and the memo is saved and displayed in the Drafts folder.

Send the Draft Memo

To finish a saved memo and send it, open the Drafts folder and double-click the memo to open it. Complete the memo and click Send. The memo disappears from the Drafts folder but appears in the Sent view.

Set Save Mail Preferences

By default, Notes saves a copy of every memo you send. To change that setting, choose File, Preferences, User Preferences. Click the Mail, General tab on the left side of the User Preferences dialog box, and choose an option from the Save Mail That You Send drop-down list: Always Keep a Copy, Don't Keep a Copy, or Always Prompt. If you choose not to keep copies, use Send and File when you do want to retain a copy of a particular memo. Click OK to save the settings.



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