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Part 5. Creating and Sending Mail > Task 6 How to Set Delivery Options

Task 6 How to Set Delivery Options

Just as you can send your mail through the post office as priority mail or get a return receipt, you can send email with Notes and have the same choices. You also can secure your mail so it can't be read by anyone but the intended recipients. The icons that appear in the Inbox and tell your recipient something about the message—how important it is, whether it's a thank you or a joke, or whether it's confidential or personal—are assigned in the Delivery Options dialog box.

Open the Delivery Options

With the mail memo you are preparing open, click the Delivery Options button on the Action bar (use these options for Notes recipients only, and many of them won't work for Notes users you contact via the Internet). The Delivery Options dialog box opens.

Signal the Importance of Your Message

From the Importance drop-down list, select Low, Normal, or High (Normal is the default). If you select High, a red exclamation point appears to the left of the message in the recipient's Inbox. The importance icon overrides any other stamps you add to the message when the message appears in the Inbox. When you send a memo with High importance, the envelope icon in your Sent view is red.

Set the Mood

To give the recipient of your memo a visible signal of how you feel, use a mood stamp. The mood stamp is a small graphic that appears at the top of the mail memo and is displayed to the left of the message in the recipient's Inbox. Mood stamps include Normal (no mood stamp), Personal, Confidential, Private, Thank You, Flame (means you're mad at the recipient), Good Job, Joke, FYI, Question, and Reminder. Select the one you want to use from the Mood Stamp drop-down list.

Make Sure the Message Gets There

You can tell Notes to place a report in your Inbox that indicates how the delivery of your message went. The default Delivery Report option is Only on Failure. The other options are None, Confirm Delivery (reports that the memo was sent to the recipient's mailbox), and Trace Entire Path (use only if your Domino Administrator asks you). Enable Return Receipt to get a message stamped with the date and time the recipient opened your message.

Secure Your Mail

Enable Sign to add a unique digital code to your message that identifies you as the sender. When you enable Encrypt, Notes encodes the message so no one but the intended recipient can read it—everyone else sees scrambled nonsense (use this feature sparingly). Enable the Save These Security Options As the Default option if you want to sign or encrypt all your outgoing messages. Enable Prevent Copying to keep the recipient from forwarding, copying, or printing your message (good for highly confidential messages).

Use Advanced Options

Click the Advanced tab in the Delivery Options dialog box to add a line to your mail memo setting a reply by date. In the Stamp Message with a 'Please Reply by' Date, click the date picker button to select a date or enter a date. To have someone else receive the replies to your message, enter the name in the Replies to This Memo Should Be Addressed To box, or click the entry helper button to open a dialog box and select the name(s) from an address book. When the recipient replies, this person's name—not yours—appears in the To field.

Apply the Delivery Options

Click OK to close the Delivery Options dialog box. If you selected a mood stamp, you'll see it at the top of your memo. The Please Respond By and Please Respond To messages will appear by your name in the memo when it is opened by the recipient.



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