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Part 5. Creating and Sending Mail > Task 4 How to Spell Check Your Message

Task 4 How to Spell Check Your Message

A memo full of misspellings does not create a good impression on your recipients. It's important to spell check your outgoing messages. The Notes Spell Check feature compares your text against a stored spelling dictionary of tens of thousands of words. If a word in your mail message doesn't find a match in the dictionary, Spell Check alerts you that the word might be misspelled and offers of list of possible replacements. Running Spell Check doesn't guarantee a perfect mail message, however, so be sure that you proofread your message.

Check Your Spelling

When you are creating a mail memo, choose Edit, Check Spelling or click the Check Spelling button on the Edit Document toolbar. Spell Check works only when a document is in Edit mode (as the memo is when you are creating it). If you go back and open a saved memo, press Ctrl+E to put it in Edit mode.

Select a Guess

Spell Check identifies the first word in the memo that doesn't match any of the words in the spelling dictionary. The possibly misspelled word is highlighted in the memo and in the Not in Dictionary box in the Spell Check dialog box.

Replace the Misspelled Word

In the Suggest box are one or more suggestions for the correct spelling of the word. Select the correct one and click Replace. The correct spelling appears in the memo. To replace all misspellings of the same word, click Replace All. If none of the suggestions is correct, type the correct word in the Not in Dictionary box. Click Look Up (it appears when you make a correction manually) to check that you have spelled your correction correctly; then, click Replace.

Skip the Highlighted Word

Not all the words highlighted by Spell Check are misspellings. Some are proper nouns or industry-specific jargon that isn't listed in the spelling dictionary. Click Skip to ignore the word and go to the next misspelling, or click Skip All to ignore all instances of this word in the document.

Add a Word to Your User Dictionary

The word that Spell Check highlights might be spelled correctly. If it's a word you use often, click Add to Dictionary to add it to your user dictionary so that Spell Check won't stop at that word in the future—unless it's spelled incorrectly. Just make sure that the word is spelled correctly before you click Add to Dictionary.

Complete Spell Check

Continue checking through the remainder of your message. After Spell Check has found all the possible misspellings and you've resolved them, a message appears telling you that the spelling check is complete. Click OK.



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