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Part 5. Creating and Sending Mail > Task 3 How to Address Mail for the Internet

Task 3 How to Address Mail for the Internet

Before you send mail to people who have Internet addresses, you must determine whether you can do that through Notes. Your company or organization might not have a direct connection to the Internet for sending and receiving mail, or your company's policy might limit to whom you can send mail on the Internet. If you can send email to Internet addresses, be sure that you enter the address correctly—use underscores and periods (dots) where required.

Use the Address Book

Some of the people in your Personal Address book or the Domino Directory might have email addresses on the Internet. If you select someone from an address book who has an Internet address, the Internet address appears in the address fields.

Type an Internet Address

Most Internet addresses appear in a format such as menewton@aol.com. The menewton portion is the local part of the email address, and aol.com is the domain name. This is the older address format, and you need at least this much information to send an email. The new format for email addresses is "Newton, Mary Ellen (New York)"<menewton@aol.com>. The "Newton, Mary Ellen (New York)" is the phrase part of the address, and it gives you more information about the addressee.

Add an Internet Gateway Domain

Check with your Domino Administrator to see whether any special addressing needs exist for Internet mail. Some companies use a gateway to the Internet that has an address component you must include in any outgoing mail (although the system might add it automatically). A person's Internet email address might be menewton@aol.com, for example, but you need to write the address as menewton@aol.com@lionex (if lionex is the address component needed for the gateway).

Search Internet Directories

You might have access to Internet directories such as Bigfoot or Verisign. If you do, you'll see them listed in the Select Addresses dialog box. With the mail memo open, click the Address button on the Action bar to open the Select Addresses book. Select the desired Internet directory from the Choose Address Book drop-down list.

Enter the Name to Find

In the Search For field, type the name you are looking for and then click Search. A list of possible matches appears on the left side of the dialog box. Select the name you want from the list, and then click To, cc, or bcc. Click OK.

Finish the Message

The address you selected appears in the To, cc, or bcc field in your mail memo. Complete the message by typing a Subject line and the body of the memo. Then click Send on the Action bar.



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