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Part 5. Creating and Sending Mail > Task 2 How to Address Mail

Task 2 How to Address Mail

Most Notes client users work with two address books: the Personal Address Book, which is stored on your own drive and includes your name (such as Dobb's Address Book), and the Domino Directory, which is your organization's address book. The Domino Directory is stored on the Domino server and usually bears the name of your organization (such as Lionheart Consulting Associates' Directory). The address books maintain the correct spellings and locations for people and groups, which you need for addressing mail. Correct addressing is essential to successful mail delivery.

Select Recipients from an Address Book

Unless you're sure of the spelling of a person's name and know how that person is listed in an address book, you're better off selecting the name from an address book to fill in the To, cc, and bcc fields. With the new memo open, click the Address button on the Action bar. The Select Addresses dialog box opens.

Choose an Address Book

From the Choose Address Book drop-down list, select the address book that lists the person or people to whom you are addressing your memo. In most organizations, you have only two selections: your Personal Address Book and the Domino Directory. However, larger organizations might have more than one directory (such as one for each division) or directories for Internet addresses (such as Bigfoot or Verisign), and these might also appear as choices.

Select the Names

Choose the name of the person or group from the list in the dialog box. Click the To button to add that name or group to the Recipients list on the right, under To. Select a name or group and click cc to send a carbon copy; click bcc to send a blind carbon copy. To select more than one name at a time, click in the selection margin to the left of each name before clicking To, cc, or bcc. If you accidentally add an incorrect name to the recipients, select the name in the Recipients list and click Remove. Click OK to close the dialog box and enter names in the correct fields of your memo.

Use Type-Ahead

As you begin typing a name in the To, cc, or bcc field, the remainder of the name appears (it's selected, or highlighted). This is the type-ahead feature. Type-ahead finds the first name in your Personal Address Book that matches the characters you've typed. The feature searches for both first and last names. If the name is correct, press Enter to add another name or press Tab to move to the next field. If it's not the right name, continue typing until type-ahead has enough characters to find the right name.

Type the Full Mail Address

If the person isn't in your Personal Address Book or in another address book to which you have access, you must type the full email address. Make sure that you enter the address correctly.



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