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Part VII: Appendixes > Purchases & Vendors Preferences

Purchases & Vendors Preferences

There are a few company preference items that affect the treatment of purchase orders and inventory. If you don’t use the QuickBooks inventory feature and don’t use purchase orders, these items won’t apply to you. The preferences are listed as follows:

  • Inventory and purchase orders are active— Check this box if you use the inventory and purchase order features in QuickBooks. This box is automatically set if you indicated an interest in using these features during the EasyStep interview.

  • Warn if not enough inventory to sell— QuickBooks keeps track of the quantity of inventory items you have on hand. If you prepare an invoice or a cash sale form for a quantity of inventory items that exceeds the amount you have on hand, QuickBooks pops up with a message telling you about the potential problem. Uncheck this box and QuickBooks won’t bother you with information about inventory shortages.

    Tip from

    When you issue an invoice, if you get a warning indicating there is not enough inventory on hand to fill the quantity shown on the invoice, you are not prevented from issuing the invoice for the quantity requested. When you see a warning that the quantity of inventory items you are selling exceeds the amount you have on hand, make a note to yourself to check inventory items on order, or to order more items so that you won’t run short.

  • Warn about duplicate purchase order numbers— Check this box if you want QuickBooks to present you with a warning that you are issuing a purchase order with a number that duplicates another order.

  • Bills are due— When you enter bills in QuickBooks, a reminder appears in the Reminders list to indicate that the bill payment is due. Set the number of days here (see Figure C.11) so that QuickBooks knows how long to wait before getting after you to pay your bills.

    Figure C.11. Set up preferences that apply to your inventory and other purchases.

  • Warn about duplicate bill numbers— This check box is quite handy. Suppose you get a bill from Acme Supply Company and you enter it in QuickBooks. Two weeks later you get another bill from Acme Supply Co. and you enter it in QuickBooks. If the second bill has the same number as the first, you’ve probably gotten a duplicate bill. Check this box and QuickBooks tells you that you’ve got a duplicate.

  • Automatically use discounts and credits— Check this box to instruct QuickBooks to use any applicable discounts and credits when you are entering information in the Pay Bills window.



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