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Chapter 26. QuickBooks Pro and Time Trac... > Getting Your Employees Up to Speed w...

Getting Your Employees Up to Speed with the Timer

Installing the Timer onto a computer from disks is not difficult: Simply have your employees put Disk 1 into their floppy drive, open My Computer, double-click on the A: drive, and double-click on the INSTALL.EXE program file. From there, follow the onscreen directions to properly install the software. You can help them get started with the Timer by explaining the points that were outlined in the section “Learning Your Way Around the Timer” Specifically, keep the following points in mind:

  • Remember that you are providing your employees with data from QuickBooks, the Customers:Jobs list that they need to import before they can start time tracking. Point out that this data is in the form of an .IIF file, and direct them to install it in the same directory (or folder) as the QuickBooks Timer. The default Timer folder is C:\QBTIMER.

  • Tell them that first they have to name and create a QuickBooks Timer file, just as soon as they start the program, before they do anything else.

  • After the file is created, they have to import the .IIF file, as was previously explained. They can then start recording timed activities.

  • Acquaint them with the drop-down menu system of setting up their own name, customer, job, and services before actually clicking the Start button to begin time tracking.

  • After they’ve worked through all this, your employees and vendors will appreciate the convenience of using the QuickBooks Timer.



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