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Chapter 1. QuickBooks Overview > Changes in QuickBooks 2002

Changes in QuickBooks 2002

QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro 2002 offer several new features:

  • Use the Find button to search for a specific transaction by customer name, dollar amount, or date.

  • Journal entries are numbered automatically and sequentially.

  • Add information from customer and vendor lists, such as phone numbers and addresses, as columns on your reports.

  • Sort columns on summary reports.

  • Send monthly statements online by e-mail or by fax.

  • Security protection for year-end closing is improved.

  • A new Sales Tax Code list provides the opportunity to make sales tax codes active or inactive and also allows for on-the-fly creation of new sales tax codes. Sales tax codes can be added to customer items right from the New Customer window.

  • A change to the sales tax preferences allows you to set default taxable and nontaxable sales tax codes and to enter new codes.

  • Use the zoom feature to view the detail behind the Sales Tax Liability report. The zoom feature works on every column of the report; in previous versions of QuickBooks, the zoom only worked on the tax column.

  • Adjust the amount of sales tax due without having to make a general journal entry. There is an option on the Vendors menu to adjust sales tax (Vendors, Sales Tax, Adjust Sales Tax Due), or you can click an Adjust button in the Pay Sales Tax window. In either case, enter the amount of adjustment, indicate the account to which the adjustment should be charged, and enter a brief memo describing the adjustment (for example, “Early payment discount”).

  • Create multiple estimates for the same job and view a list of estimates grouped by job.

  • Apply customer payments to multiple jobs in the same transaction.

  • Apply credits to specific invoices.

  • A new Go to Invoice feature allows you to view outstanding invoices directly from the Receive Payments window.

  • Paid invoices are now marked with a PAID stamp.

  • A new Help and Support center includes an Ask Jeeves-type Q&A format, QuickBooks newsletters, contact information for online and telephone technical support, QuickBooks training information, how to find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, online training options, program update information, and more.

  • There are improved options for archived storage of large QuickBooks files.

  • Add your company logo to e-mailed forms.



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