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Chapter 21. QuickBooks and Payroll Taxes > CPA Tip: Use Filters to Isolate Spec...

CPA Tip: Use Filters to Isolate Specific Payroll Items

Suppose that you have a strong suspicion that an error is occurring because somebody is being taxed twice for sick hours. You can check to see whether sick hours were double-reported (stranger things have happened). The following steps show how a report can help:

Open the report that you want to filter.

Click the Modify Report button at the upper left of the report, and click the Filters tab. The Report Filters screen appears (this window was displayed previously, in Figure 21.14).

In the Filters window, scroll down and click Payroll Item.

The drop-down menu to the right of the Filters window is now labeled Payroll Items (refer to Figure 21.14, earlier in this chapter). Click that drop-down menu.

Click Selected Payroll Items. The Selected Payroll Items dialog box appears.

This dialog box shows all payroll items. Scroll down and click the item that you specifically want to see.

On the Report Filters dialog box, the Current Choices Window now includes the filter that you selected.

You can go back to the Filters drop-down menu and add more filters if you want—for example, you can narrow your search to a specific Job Type.

When you are satisfied with your choices, click OK; a new report is generated, showing only the items that you want to see.



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