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Chapter 5. Going Online with QuickBooks > Preliminary and Precautionary Steps

Preliminary and Precautionary Steps

You’ll find that the nuts and bolts of carrying out online banking procedures are pretty easy. Before going into detail about setting up accounts and conducting online transactions, the following are some preliminary and precautionary steps to keep in mind. This bird’s-eye view is just to show you, at a glance, what kind of start-up procedures you should anticipate:

First, determine whether your existing bank provides online services. You can do this by calling the bank or by viewing the QuickBooks list of QuickBooks-friendly online institutions. The Financial Institutions Directory can be found by choosing Banking, Set Up Online Financial Services, Online Financial Institutions List from the menu.

To see what your options are, begin walking through the QuickBooks Online Banking Interview (from the list of QuickBooks Navigators, select Banking, and then click the Online Banking option). Be prepared to deal with the following choices:

  • If your bank provides online services directly through QuickBooks, you’ve won half the battle. You can simply continue the interview, make your lending institution aware that you are now taking advantage of their online service, and begin banking and bill paying through QuickBooks.

  • If your bank provides online services but is not working directly with QuickBooks, you can still use the software that your bank provides for an online connection to pay bills through QuickBooks, but you cannot do full online banking through QuickBooks. Stop the interview, consult your lending institution, and ask it to send you its software package for going online. It might not be difficult to convince it to begin working with Intuit to provide online service through QuickBooks.


    The following link provides a list of banks that provide online banking, but might not yet be set up to bank directly through QuickBooks. This status can change quickly, though.


    As with many Internet links, content gets rearranged and sent to different pages within a site. If you find one of the preceding links to be invalid, simply lop off the final segment of the URL. For example, remove the /educate segment from the www.keybank.com address, and try again.

  • If your bank does not provide online banking, you can change your bank to a QuickBooks-friendly lending institution or simply sign up for Intuit’s online billpaying service. You can continue the interview, exploring the options that are offered.

  • If you decide to switch banks to one that works online with QuickBooks, submit your online application as mentioned previously and wait for account information to appear in the mail. (Check out the following note about what to consider when switching banks.) Expect the process of getting set up with a new bank and its online services to take two–four weeks.

After you’ve received your bank info through the mail, return to the QuickBooks Online Banking Interview. You can then set up online accounts.



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