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Why Customize Forms?

There are many reasons why you might want to customize a form. You can

  • Add your name, address, or company logo at the top of the form.

  • Create unique invoices for various types of customers you have.

  • Add fields for customer-specific information, such as shipping and handling charges.

  • Specify that certain information is to be seen on the onscreen version of your form, but is not to be printed.

  • Create custom sales slips, adding fields for new information to one version while removing them from another.

  • Use the Layout Designer to move and resize fields and columns. This is helpful, for example, if you create a large logo that you want to appear prominently on your form.

  • Create a special packing slip for checking the total of ordered goods versus the number that actually arrives in a particular shipment.

  • Add fields that enable you to keep track of specific aspects of your client base, such as a special distinction for those who have placed especially large orders in the last year, or those who are more than three months behind in their payments.

  • Create a field that tracks clients by industry. You can have one form available for customers from the entertainment business and another for publishers and journalists, for example. After you have this industry-specific information on hand, you can create a direct mailing tailored for each type of client, and, most importantly, note which type of industry is most highly represented among your newer clients.



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