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Lesson 17. Working with Attachments > Creating Attachments

Creating Attachments

To attach a file to a Lotus Notes mail message, do the following:

Create the mail message. Make sure your insertion point (cursor) is in the message body at the exact point at which you want the attachment to appear.

Choose File, Attach or click the File Attach SmartIcon. The Create Attachments dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 17.1.

Figure 17.1. The Create Attachment(s) dialog box allows you to search your file system for an attachment.

In the Create Attachments dialog box, enter the name of the file you want to attach in the File Name box and then specify its location by choosing the correct drive and directory, or folder. Or, specify the location first and then select the filename from the list.

The Compress box is enabled by default. Leave this box checked.


Compressed files transfer faster than those that are not compressed. It might take a little longer to attach the file to your message, however, because Notes compresses the file during the attachment process. A compressed file also takes up less disk space on the server. Don't expect the compressed file to be delivered faster over the Internet; a compressed file takes the same amount of time as an uncompressed file. If you want to send compressed files via the Internet, use a compression program such as WinZip.

Click the Create button. The attached file appears as an icon within the body of your mail message.



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