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Lesson 4. Managing Mail > Creating and Deleting Folders

Creating and Deleting Folders

You can create your own folders in which to save your mail. To create a folder, follow these steps:

Choose Folder, Create Folder from the Action bar.

In the Create Folder dialog box, type the name of the new folder directly over the word Untitled in the Folder name box. Figure 4.4 shows the Create Folder dialog box in which a folder is being created. When you open this dialog box, “Untitled” appears in the Folder name box until you replace it with your desired title.

Figure 4.4. Type the name of your new folder in the Create Folder dialog box.

The default folder type on the Advanced tab of this dialog box is Shared. Leave this default as your choice.

Select the location for the new folder. The default location is Folders, but you can place your new folder within an existing folder by selecting an existing folder. For example, create a folder called Customers, and then create two folders under Customers called Active and Inactive (see Figure 4.5).

Figure 4.5. The Mail Navigator pane, showing nested custom folders.

To select a design for your folder, click on the Advanced tab and click the Copy From button. The design determines how documents are viewed. By default, the design is the All Documents view, so the columns and headers you see in the All Documents view are the same columns and headers you will see in your new folder. However, only the documents you send to that folder will show when you open the folder. But you might want your new folder to look like your drafts folder, where the column header information differs from the Inbox folder. When you click the Copy From button, select a folder on which to base your new folder.

Click OK to save your changes and see your new folder in the Mail Navigator Pane (see Figure 4.5).



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