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Lesson 1. Getting Started with Notes - Pg. 1

1 Chapter 1. Getting Started with Notes In this lesson, you learn about Lotus Notes concepts, how to move around in Notes, and how to change and lock your password. Understanding the Notes Client Lotus Notes is based on client/server technology, which enables you to access, share, and manage information over a network. The network can consist of five or ten computers in your office building, cabled together, or it can consist of 30,000 computers across the United States, connected to one another in various ways. The software you're running on your PC is called the Lotus Notes 6 Client. It requests and receives information from the server, called the "Domino" server. While working in Lotus Notes, all information, including your email, is stored in Domino applications, or databases. Notes applications are a collection of one or more databases that are designed to perform a specific function or work process (workflow). It is not unusual for people to use the terms application and database interchangeably. Your mail database, stored on the Domino server, is