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Formatting Paragraphs

You apply paragraph formatting for the same reasons as you apply text formatting—that is, to add emphasis and clarity to your documents. It is helpful to view the ruler in Notes as you work. To display the ruler, place your cursor in rich text field (such as the body of a memo) and choose View, Ruler from the menu. As pictured in Figure 15.4, paragraph formatting includes working with the following characteristics:

Alignment— Move the paragraph to the left margin or right margin, center it between the left and right margins, fully justify it to both the left and right margins, or continue it past the right margin without word wrapping.

Margins— Set ruler measurements for your left and right margin. You can also indent or outdent the first line of a paragraph or the entire paragraph.

Tab Stops— Set ruler measurements for tab placement. Choices include left tabs, right tabs, centered tabs, and decimal place tabs.

Line Spacing— Set the amount of space you want between lines of text in your document. Choices include

  • Interline— Determines the space between the lines of text within a paragraph.

  • Above— Determines extra space added above a paragraph.

  • Below— Determines extra space added below a paragraph.

  • Single, 1 1/2, or Double— Sets the spacing for the selected paragraph.

  • Lists— Extremely helpful for adding emphasis to documents, each item on the list is preceded by sequential numbers, small black dots, check boxes, square boxes, or circles.



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