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Chapter 5. Using the Writing Tools > Setting Up QuickWords - Pg. 129

Using the Writing Tools 129 Setting Up QuickWords QuickWords simplifies the process of typing frequently used words and phrases. You assign an abbreviation to a word or phrase, use the abbreviation when typing the document, and then expand the abbreviation. QuickWords isn't limited to words or phrases--you can create a QuickWord text with formatting codes, such as font attributes, or graphics that you would use for logos. You can assign entire paragraphs to a QuickWords entry, and then use them to quickly build docu- ments that consist of form paragraphs (such as wills, leases, contracts, and so on). Here's how to create a QuickWords entry: 1. Select the text or graphic you want to assign to QuickWords. If you want to insert a graphic or logo with a QuickWords entry, turn on Reveal Codes and position the red cursor to the left of the box code, and press Shift+right arrow to select the box code. Choose Tools, QuickWords to display the QuickWords tab of the QuickCorrect dialog box (see Figure 5.32). 2. Figure 5.32. With QuickWords, you can assign an abbreviation to text or graphics, and then simply type the abbreviation to insert it into a document. 3. 4. Type the abbreviation you want to use in the Abbreviated Form text box. The abbreviation can be a few letters or a one- or two-word phrase. Click Add Entry. Note Try using words that won't normally come up in your documents for QuickWords. For ex- ample, you could use compadd to expand your company address, clogo for the company logo (not just logo), or sigblock for your signature block. Caution If you're creating a QuickWords entry for a graphic image, make sure Expand As Text with Formatting is selected on the Options menu. Otherwise, the graphic won't appear in the document.