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Chapter 4. Managing Your Files and Folde... > Protecting Sensitive Files - Pg. 75

Managing Your Files and Folders 75 You can use the Back, Forward, Stop, and Refresh buttons to navigate through the site. If you find a page that you want to open in WordPerfect, click Open. In the HTML Import dialog box, choose Yes to download and import the images, or No if you just want the text. When you're ready to return to the default file management dialog box, click the Corel Web Site button. Tip from If you haven't already maximized the dialog box, you'll definitely want to do it here so you can view the Web page without scrolling back and forth. You can also click and drag a border to resize the dialog box. How? Point to a border and pause--the pointer changes to a double-headed arrow. Click and drag the border; the guideline shows you how large the box will be when you release the mouse button. Protecting Sensitive Files With the advent of flexible work hours and job-sharing, you may have to share your computer with a co-worker. Or, if someone else has rights to your folders on the network, you may want to protect