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Lesson 4. Using Outlook's Tools > Creating Custom Views

Creating Custom Views

In addition to Outlook's many presupplied views, you can also create custom views of the information in your Outlook folders. To create a custom view for one of your Outlook folders, follow these steps:

  1. Click the View menu and then point at Current View. Select Define Views (near the bottom of the Current View submenu). A Define Views dialog box for the currently selected folder opens.

  2. Click the New button in the Define Views box. The Create a New View dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 4.7.

    Figure 4.7. You can create custom views for your Outlook folders.

  3. Enter a name for your new view and select a view type from the list in the Type of View box.

    You can select different view types for a custom view:

    • Table— Presents items in a grid of sorts in rows and columns. Use this view type to view mail messages, tasks, and details about any item.

    • Timeline— Displays items as icons arranged in chronological order from left to right on a time scale. Use this to view journal entries and other items in this type of view.

    • Card— Presents items such as cards in a card file. Use this to view contacts.

    • Day/Week/Month— Displays items in a calendar view in blocks of time. Use this type for meetings and scheduled tasks.

    • Icon— Provides graphical icons to represent tasks, notes, calendars, and so on.

  4. After you've selected the type of view you want to create, click the OK button. A View Settings dialog box appears based on your selection. In this box, you determine which fields you want to have in the view and the fonts and other view settings you want to use.

  5. After you've selected the fields and view settings, click Apply View. The items in the current folder appear in the new view.



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