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Lesson 15. Adding Organizational Charts ... > Inserting an Organizational Chart on...

Inserting an Organizational Chart on a Slide

You can place an organizational chart on any slide in your presentation. All you need is the appropriate blank space on the slide to accommodate the chart object. To insert an organizational chart onto an existing slide, follow these steps:

Display the slide on which you want to place the organizational chart.

Select the Insert menu, then point at Picture, and then select Organization Chart. A new chart appears on the slide (as does the Organization Chart toolbar, as shown in Figure 15.1).

Figure 15.1. The organizational chart is placed on the slide.

Click on a box in a chart to add text. Enter the appropriate information, such as the name, title, and up to two optional comments about the person in the organization who will appear at that level in the chart. Press Enter to start a new line after typing each item. Press Esc when you complete the entry for that person.

Repeat step 3 for each person or item you want to include in the organizational chart.

To add another box to the chart, select a box in the chart to which you want to attach the new box. Then, click the drop-down arrow on the right of the Insert Shape button on the Organization Chart toolbar.

Select either Subordinate, Coworker, or Assistant from the Insert Shape list. Selecting Subordinate will place a new box below (subordinate to) the currently selected box. Coworker will place a new box at the same level of the selected box, and Assistant will place a new box subordinate to the selected box using a line with an elbow (this is used to differentiate between a subordinate and an assistant).

Select the new box that you created and type the appropriate text.

When you have finished working with the chart, you can click anywhere on the slide to deselect the chart. This also closes the Organization Chart toolbar.



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