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Lesson 3. Working with Documents > Using Word Wizards

Using Word Wizards

If you find that you would like even more help as you create a new document, you can use any of a number of Word document wizards. These wizards actually walk you through the document creation process, and in many cases, they make sure that you enter the appropriate text in the proper place in the new document.

The wizards are found on the same tabs that housed the templates located in the Templates dialog box (reached through the task pane). The wizards can be differentiated from standard templates by a small wizard's wand that appears over a template's icon.

To create a new document using one of the wizards, follow these steps:

  1. Select the File menu, and then click New to open the task pane.

  2. Under the New from Template heading, select the link for the document category you want to create (many useful templates are under the General Templates link). In the Templates dialog box that appears, choose the new document tab of your choice.

  3. To start the document creation process using the wizard, double-click the appropriate wizard icon (for example, the Memo Wizard on the Memos tab).

When you double-click the wizard icon, the wizard dialog box opens with an introductory screen and outlines the document creation process for the type of document you want to create. For example, the Memo Wizard shown in Figure 3.4 details the memo creation process on the left side of the wizard dialog box.

Figure 3.4. The various document wizards, such as the Memo Wizard, outline the new creation process and then walk you through the steps of creating the document.

If you find that you need help as you work with a wizard, you can click the Office Assistant button on the wizard dialog box. The Office Assistant, which appears as an animated paper clip by default, appears with context-sensitive help related to the wizard screen on which you are currently working. If the button is not available, cancel the wizard, select the Help menu, and then Show the Office Assistant; then repeat the steps necessary to open the particular document wizard.

To move to the next step in the document creation process, click the Next button at the bottom of the wizard screen.

The various document wizards walk you through the entire document creation process. After completing the steps for document creation, click the Finish button to close the wizard. A new document appears in the Word window based on the choices you made as you worked with the wizard. Figure 3.5 shows a new document created using the Memo Wizard.

Figure 3.5. The Memo Wizard prompts you to input the appropriate information for a memo and provides the formatting for the new document.

The wizards you use vary in look and feel, depending on the type of document you are trying to create. For example, the Resume Wizard produces a decidedly different product than the Envelope Wizard does. A good rule to follow is to read each wizard screen carefully. Remember that you can always back up a step by clicking the Back button if you find that you've made an inappropriate choice (or you can close the unwanted document and start over).

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