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Lesson 3. Working with Documents > Using Document Templates

Using Document Templates

You don't have to base your new documents on a blank template. Instead, you can take advantage of one of the special document templates that Word provides. These templates make it easy for you to create everything from memos to newsletters.

Templates contain special text and document attributes; therefore, the look and layout of the document you create using a template are predetermined by the options contained in the template. This can include margins, fonts, graphics, and other document layout attributes.

To base a new document on a Word template, follow these steps:

  1. Select the File menu, and then click New. The task pane opens in your current document window.

  2. Several template category links are available under the New from Template heading. These links include categories such as Normal, General Templates, and Templates on Microsoft.com. Select the category link for the type of document you want to create. For example, to create a new memo, click the General Templates link. In the Templates dialog box that appears, choose the Memos tab (see Figure 3.2). Select your favorite style of memo and click OK (or double-click the icon of choice).

    Figure 3.2. The document category tabs in the Templates dialog box contain templates for different document types.

  3. The new document based on the template appears as shown in Figure 3.3.

Figure 3.3. The new document contains predetermined text and formatting attributes derived from the template.

Most new documents based on templates already contain text, such as headings, as well as a variety of document layouts and text attributes, such as a particular font. For example, the document based on the Elegant Memo template already contains the layout for a memo, and it automatically enters the current date in the memo for you.

Text can easily be entered into the document using the Click Here and Type boxes that are placed in the document. Just click anywhere on the bracketed box and type the text you want to enter.

Many templates (the Elegant Memo template, for example) contain text that gives you advice on how to use the template. Any of this explanatory text can be selected and removed or replaced with your own text (for more about selecting text, see Lesson 4, "Editing Documents").

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