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Lesson 1. What's New in Word 2002? > New Features in Word 2002 - Pg. 2

What's New in Word 2002? 2 New Features in Word 2002 Word 2002 embraces a number of features that were first introduced with the release of Word 2000. For example, Word 2002 uses the same adaptive menu and toolbar system found in Word 2000 that customizes the commands and icons listed based on the commands you use most frequently. Word 2002 also builds on the features found in the previous version of Word. It offers a number of new features that make it easier for you to input information into your Word documents and perform tasks related to the use of graphics in your documents and features, such as the Word Mail Merge. New features in Word 2002 range from smart tags to voice dictation to new ways to quickly get help. For example, you will find that it is even easier to get help in Word 2002 than in previous versions of Word. A new feature--the Ask a Question Box--has been added to the top left of the Word application window, making it easier for you to get help on a particular topic as you work in Word. The various ways to get help in Word are covered in Lesson 5, "Getting Help in Microsoft Word." Let's take a survey of some of the other new features that are provided by Word 2002. Introducing Task Panes One of the biggest changes to the Word environment (and all the Microsoft Office XP member applications such as Word 2002, Excel 2002, and PowerPoint 2002) is the introduction of the Office task pane. The task pane is a special pane that appears on the right side of the Word application window. It is used to provide access to a number of Word features that were formerly controlled using dialog boxes. For example, when you work with styles to format text in your Word document, you will access the various styles available in your document and create new styles using the Styles and Formatting