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Lesson 13. Using Visio 2002 to Create Web Site Maps - Pg. 102

102 Chapter 13. Using Visio 2002 to Create Web Site Maps In this lesson, you learn to create a map of a Web site structure, configure the map settings and filters, create a report of Web site links, update or add map shapes, and recognize web page files generated by Visio. Creating A Map Of An Existing Web Site Visio 2002 can automatically or manually map a large variety of Internet related technologies by identifying their file extensions. Some of the most common file types are HTML Pages, GIF and JPG graphic files, WAV and MPEG Multimedia files, office documents, and script files. Visio can also access various Internet protocols. Common protocols are the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), the e-mail protocol Mailto, and the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). A complete list of all supported file types and protocols are available in the online Help.