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Lesson 5. Moving Around—Viewing, Zooming... > Zooming In And Out Of Drawings Using... - Pg. 36

Moving Around--Viewing, Zooming, and Panning Caution 36 Opening a duplicate file allows you to modify it without editing the original. The modifications will appear in the original drawing. You can close the files without saving, to discard your changes. Zooming In And Out Of Drawings Using Task Panes The pan and zoom features of Visio are important tools for focused effort of tiny detail, as well as a bird's eye view of an entire document. Visio provides an array of tools: the Zoom toolbar box, the Zoom command within the View menu, or the Zoom dialog box where you can specify pre-defined magnifications, the entire page width, or the entire page, as well as a custom magnification that you type. The Zoom toolbar drop-down box is located to the far right of the standard toolbar. It has a predefined list from 50%­400%. Page width (Width), full page view (Page), and it also allows you to go to your last zoom selection (Last). Holding down the CTRL and SHIFT keys together turns the mouse pointer into a magnifying glass, and clicking the left mouse button enlarges the view; clicking the right mouse button reduces the view. The new view is centered wherever you click as you enlarge or reduce the view. Holding down CTRL and SHIFT keys together and clicking and dragging the mouse pointer enlarges the area of the marquee selection; the size of your enlarged view depends on the size of the mar- quee. The smaller the marquee the larger the zoomed view. Click and Drag to Enlarge a Marquee Selection