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What's new in Microsoft® Visio® 2002

Microsoft Visio 2002 sports the new Office XP look and feel. Menus include the same personalization options as Office applications. Visio also includes a Task Pane and an Office Search feature. Visio provides common Office functions, such as built-in AutoCorrect features, Office spelling checker, keyboard shortcuts, Open, Save, and Save As dialog boxes. When you edit Visio documents within Office applications, you have access to more Visio tools, which enable you to better update and revise diagrams from within Office documents.

The Visio 2002 product line has gone through a merger. This consolidation of Visio products makes more features more available to more users. The prior edition of Visio Standard remains the same for business drawing. The Visio Technical and Professional editions have combined into one Visio Professional for technical and business diagramming. The Visio Enterprise edition has been converted into an add-on to Visio 2002 Professional, Visio Enterprise Network Tools.

Visio 2002 Standard edition brings common diagramming needs to view, offering capable templates for flowcharting, organizational charts and wizards, and office space planning tools.

The 2002 Professional edition has well-built tools and templates for building Web site maps, software and database diagramming, engineering schematics, and network diagrams. The professional edition is well suited for information technology professionals as well as engineers, facilities management, and software developers.

The Enterprise Network Tools add-on has the network professional tools ready, such as AutoDiscovery, directory services diagramming, and strong reporting capabilities. Enterprise Network Tools will also give you access to more than 23,000 shapes in a shape library.

The Visio 2002 editions add more visual impact, are quick and easy to use, allow you to find shapes faster locally or across the Web, and can be saved as Web pages. Visio 2002 works with and complements Office applications by sharing information and in-place editing.

Microsoft Visio 2002 can create better looking diagrams with smoother text and graphics handling, and supports more than 16 million colors for more vivid color. Better clip-art organization from the Office suite is available through the Microsoft Clip Organizer (formerly known as Clip Gallery); a new scanner interface and image editing tools allow you to more easily add more visual information.

Using This Book

10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Visio 2002 mostly references both Visio 2002 editions—Standard and Professional. The Professional edition is approached more during the chapters dealing with mapping Web sites.

What you will get out of this book is a deep understanding and working knowledge of using Visio 2002's tools, features, and functionality. Visio's Web and Hyper-linking features are covered step by step. From finding SmartShapes in creating new diagrams and templates to integrating Visio with other Office XP Applications, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, these chapters step you through the tasks.

Conventions Used in this Book

To help you move through the lessons easily, these conventions are used:

In telling you to choose menu commands, this book uses the format menu title, menu command. For example, the statement "choose File, Properties" means to "open the File menu and select the Properties command."

In addition to those conventions the 10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Visio 2002 uses the following icons to identify helpful information:

Plain English

term New or unfamiliar terms are defined in term sidebars.


Tips Read these tips for ideas that cut corners and confusion.


Cautions This icon identifies areas where new users often run into trouble; these tips offer practical solutions to those problems.

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