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Chapter 13. Working with Media Clips and... > Modifying Clip Art Images

Modifying Clip Art Images

After you insert a clip art image or picture into a PowerPoint presentation, you can modify it to suit your needs. Using the Picture toolbar, you can make both minor and major adjustments to an inserted clip, such as changing its color or adjusting its contrast. Table 13.2 describes each button on the Picture toolbar.

Table 13.2. Picture Toolbar Buttons
Button Name Description
Insert Picture Opens the Insert Picture dialog box from which you can choose another image
Color Enables you to convert the image to a grayscale, black-and-white, or washout image
More Contrast Enhances the contrast of the selected image
Less Contrast Reduces the contrast of the selected image
More Brightness Increases the image's brightness
Less Brightness Decreases the image's brightness
Crop Enables you to crop the image to another size
Rotate Left Rotates the image to the left
Line Style Displays a list of varying line widths and styles from which to choose
Compress Picture Enables you to compress the picture, reducing its file size
Recolor Picture Enables you to change the color of a clip art image
Format Picture Offers numerous options for formatting an image's lines, color, size, and position
Set Transparent Color Converts a single color to a transparent image
Reset Picture Returns the image to its original state



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